And I'm still standing here,
and you're miles away
And I'm wondering why you left
Cas hat den süßesten kleinen Hintern
↳behind on: spn, got, bb, sleepy hollow, the mentalist, & teen wolf
↳watching: hannibal, the mindy project, shameless, & community
↳reading: N/A

yoo i was sweaterstiel uwu


Cas, it's me.
                    We're family.
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dean in 9.19

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will u prankster

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I feel like the fact that god gave Dylan O’Brien THAT mouth and then paired it with a sensitive gag reflex is like the ultimate metaphor for the kind of universe we live in.

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SAM WINCHESTER MEME☼ sam + colors [6/6] » Orange

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Joke all you want, smartass. But you can’t lie to me. I know the truth.

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i’m on a roll 8) i’m gonna watch the hannibal finale now b/c that’s something i still need to do